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So your a small business…

a local catering company, coffee shop, promotional product salesman, hypnosis… you are a small business owner. Congratulations!!! =)

Now… how is business going?

Going that well, huh???

Why do you think that is?

Is your business growing at the rate you thought it would when you had the wonderful idea about going into business for yourself?

Are you putting in the blood sweat and tears and getting some good results but could use even better results?

Have you heard of this little thing called the magical internet that can give you great riches beyond your wildest dreams if you only had a website for your business?

Only to find out that the website doesn’t bring you any business unless you hand your business card out first?

Been there? Done that? How many T-Shirts do you have now???

What have you tried? Have you tried hiring a SEO expert???

Have you tried revamping your website to make it cooler looking???

Ooooo Ooooo Ooooo… I know!!! Have you tried Facebook Ads or Google or Bing???

How did they pan out? Anything? Did you try Craigslist ads and free listings!!! Oooo Oooo, I hear Craigslist is amazing!!! =)

Tried that too? Did any of the success last very long if you seen success or results from those efforts?

Ya… I hear ya.

Thats because business is not all about Tactics.


But Tactics does not pay the bills consistently month in and month out.

What you need is STRATEGY.

You see, strategy pays the bills. A business plan laid out to utilize sexy tactics that comprises into money finding it’s way into your bank account from the increase flow of new customers to your business.

Well how do we do that you might ask? It’s simple. We must develop your business online marketing plan around some simple strategies that leverages sexy tactics to make the most out of your time spent on your marketing efforts for your business. Whooo that was a mouth full.


Most people throw tactics together thinking that it’s some form of strategy and then they get disappointed with the finale outcome. But not you. You found this website, and now you will learn how to become a stealthy online effective ninja that utilizes your limited precious time you have for marketing, and make it the most effective time spent on your entire business.

When you do the simple steps outlined on this site, or from the coaching and services I will provide you… you will begin to see your business take new direction. Wind be in your sails my friend! Welcome to JGPSEO.com!

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